i am graduating in four months and i have this feeling in my gut.i am not quite sure what it is.

maybe its just because of the light at the end of the tunnel, the uncertainty future holds or maybe the certainty of a boring job-oriented life.

maybe its just that im going to miss all my friends or maybe i’m afraid i won’t miss them.

maybe i feel im not ready or maybe im excited about taking on the world.

maybe its because i can’t do whatever i want whenever i want when i have the responsibilities of a job, or maybe its my excitement about at last doing something that matters.

maybe i think its not going to be easy for me to do something significant in this world or maybe i just don’t want to work under anybody.

maybe its because i have to move from the cozy comfort zone i have created or maybe its the feeling of adventure about the year ahead

maybe it is just self doubt, wondering if i can survive in the big bad world or maybe i think i’m better than what the system wanted to make me into.

maybe i don’t want to leave my Alma mater or maybe i just want to get it over with and get out of here.

maybe its my primal instinct of avoiding too much uncertainty or maybe it is my rational mind, telling me i should prepare for whats coming.

maybe i’m afraid if i take the job I’ve got, i wont be able to turn back or maybe this job is just what i wanted.

maybe everyone feels this way, or maybe its just me.