I once asked a four year old kid, who is the prime minister of India?. he replied “i hate politics”. it made me smile.

Later, when i sat in a train it came back to me. Is politics a dirty game? is it so dirty, that even a kid hates it?

At least that is the consensus reached by the Indian society .People hate the government, they hate the system and the people in it. they just want to live their lives complaining about how convoluted and ineffective the system is, and how corrupt and diabolical the politicians are. people want no part in the dirty political game, not even the part where they vote.

What is the consequence of this general consensus by the public? at this crossroads, what does the future of the country look like? what happens when hatred becomes loathing and then something else, resulting in a mass hysteria where the country becomes unstable?

The consequence is a country ruled by thugs and criminals, a country where there is no place for mafia, because mob bosses are politicians, a country which in its next generation is divided into people who hate politics, and the others who believe it is OK to scam the public. at this rate our future looks dire, and we have already seen that it only takes one person to take the country by storm by tapping into the common emotions of the people, for good or for evil.

What people ignore are the good people in politics today. surprisingly, there are a lot of them. These are the people who earned respect for our country in the global arena. these are the people that are responsible for the growth rate and most of the good that is happening in this country in-spite of its issues.

It is not hard to imagine what their life is like, as people hate all politicians equally. no favoritism there. but, there is every chance that these people are going to get sick and tired of people blaming them for everything that goes wrong, and act like they are entitled to whatever that goes right. Imagine what happens when think they have wasted a part of their life for these ungrateful people. what happens then , is we lose them. we lose the only hope our country has to break the patterns that are holding us back.

Politics maybe dirty as a drain, but some people have jumped into it to clean it and if we don’t stop this abhorring attitude towards politics and politicians, it is going to get dirtier.Let us lose the attitude, and encourage the ones who want to do some good, and let us not teach our children politics is a  pigs’ playground.

at the end, if we haven’t done any good, at-least we wouldn’t have sabotaged the ones who do it.

Is politics a dirty game?