Was life just an accident? does everything that happen just another random event? is everything we do inconsequential? are we just a summation of a billion chemical reactions?

They say there are three kinds of things in this world

the ones we already know

the ones we can know

the ones we can never know

The questions asked by man from thousands of years in the form of philosophy , religion and science about the existence of a higher force that drives us all, or of life on our planet that was created and the destinies of people, which are predetermined are supposedly in the third category. or are they?

Men of faith say we were created by god. how else do u explain the nature of life to replicate, evolve,survive and be resilient? who gave it these properties if not god? if we were just a bunch of complex interacting molecules, how are we still existent? doesn’t the rules of science say we should have long reached stability?


However, the evolutionists have an equally appealing argument. about 4 billion years ago, a lot of complex molecules were created in the primordial soup on the surface of the earth. the molecules which had the properties of replication and adaptation survived. others stabilized, or in other words, perished. so the complex life we see today, is the result of that accidentally created one molecule that was capable of replication and evolution.

Scientists at CERN believe they are about to find evidence for the existence of god, or the lack of it. if the particle accelerator finds the so-called god particle, will science agree with religion? until now, whenever science has tried to find answers, all it has done is create more questions . will this time be any different? only time will tell.

“Life is, but stardust”