2 people commit suicide in India every 10 minutes.

i sit here and wonder, 20 years of education and have they learnt nothing? or is it our system at fault?

What is the point of all the time , effort and money being put into education if we teach our children Integral calculus but they have no clue how to lead their life? what is the use of teaching them william Wordsworth’s poetry , World history, if they don’t know to handle their own emotions? what good is teaching them organic chemistry and classical physics if they are unable to make decisions? what purpose does education really serve, if it cannot instill reason that would prevent them from committing suicide?

As we come to think of it, what we teach our children is not what they need in their life.  of course, they need prose and poetry, math and science. but without the basic life skills, they are worthless.

what we need is change in the basic principles of education. it is a pity that we still practice the 18th century Industrial revolution based education system. it was designed to create skilled work force in the industries. we live in a different time, and we need a different system. one which teaches the child, to reason about and manage life in a better way, one that teaches duties before rights and responsibilities before entitlements. one that strengthens the character of the child before it faces the real world as an adult. one that creates tomorrows inspiring leaders and patriotic citizens.

Education. or is it?


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