I once asked a four year old kid, who is the prime minister of India?. he replied “i hate politics”. it made me smile.

Later, when i sat in a train it came back to me. Is politics a dirty game? is it so dirty, that even a kid hates it?

At least that is the consensus reached by the Indian society .People hate the government, they hate the system and the people in it. they just want to live their lives complaining about how convoluted and ineffective the system is, and how corrupt and diabolical the politicians are. people want no part in the dirty political game, not even the part where they vote.

What is the consequence of this general consensus by the public? at this crossroads, what does the future of the country look like? what happens when hatred becomes loathing and then something else, resulting in a mass hysteria where the country becomes unstable?

The consequence is a country ruled by thugs and criminals, a country where there is no place for mafia, because mob bosses are politicians, a country which in its next generation is divided into people who hate politics, and the others who believe it is OK to scam the public. at this rate our future looks dire, and we have already seen that it only takes one person to take the country by storm by tapping into the common emotions of the people, for good or for evil.

What people ignore are the good people in politics today. surprisingly, there are a lot of them. These are the people who earned respect for our country in the global arena. these are the people that are responsible for the growth rate and most of the good that is happening in this country in-spite of its issues.

It is not hard to imagine what their life is like, as people hate all politicians equally. no favoritism there. but, there is every chance that these people are going to get sick and tired of people blaming them for everything that goes wrong, and act like they are entitled to whatever that goes right. Imagine what happens when think they have wasted a part of their life for these ungrateful people. what happens then , is we lose them. we lose the only hope our country has to break the patterns that are holding us back.

Politics maybe dirty as a drain, but some people have jumped into it to clean it and if we don’t stop this abhorring attitude towards politics and politicians, it is going to get dirtier.Let us lose the attitude, and encourage the ones who want to do some good, and let us not teach our children politics is a  pigs’ playground.

at the end, if we haven’t done any good, at-least we wouldn’t have sabotaged the ones who do it.

Is politics a dirty game?


Jan 2001 35 million children out of school.

April 2007 8 million children out of school.

although the goal was to achieve complete retention by the end of 2010, i think we have done a reasonable job in primary education. Thanks to Kamaraj and MGR, the pioneers of mid-day meal scheme for the attendance rate achieved today.

having mentioned that, let us take a hard look at things. have we really accomplished anything worthwhile here? has education reached the standards it should have reached a long time ago? Is there enough emphasis on the quality of education in the schools today? are teachers well-trained and tested for their jobs? is the future generation of India getting the attention it deserves?

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”

– Franklin D Roosevelt

what i see are in the villages of India are schools with reasonable infrastructure but with half of its teachers absent. what i see are students still in torn clothes and heavy bags. what i see are ill-trained sub-standard teachers creating the future of our country.

Did anything go wrong? why is teaching still substandard?

Because what we are investing is in schools and not in schooling. what we are emphasizing is on the infrastructure rather than the quality of education. we need a vessel to hold the substance alright, but what purpose would the vessel have served if we neglected substance to build the vessel?

What we have tried to achieve til now, is literacy. what we should achieve is education. when a person can read the name of the contestant, he is literate. if he can chose the right one, he is educated.

There is a ray of hope for the country’s future generation right now. it is important not to get carried away or complacent. it is time to take a leap in the direction of quality education.

A ray of hope.

i am graduating in four months and i have this feeling in my gut.i am not quite sure what it is.

maybe its just because of the light at the end of the tunnel, the uncertainty future holds or maybe the certainty of a boring job-oriented life.

maybe its just that im going to miss all my friends or maybe i’m afraid i won’t miss them.

maybe i feel im not ready or maybe im excited about taking on the world.

maybe its because i can’t do whatever i want whenever i want when i have the responsibilities of a job, or maybe its my excitement about at last doing something that matters.

maybe i think its not going to be easy for me to do something significant in this world or maybe i just don’t want to work under anybody.

maybe its because i have to move from the cozy comfort zone i have created or maybe its the feeling of adventure about the year ahead

maybe it is just self doubt, wondering if i can survive in the big bad world or maybe i think i’m better than what the system wanted to make me into.

maybe i don’t want to leave my Alma mater or maybe i just want to get it over with and get out of here.

maybe its my primal instinct of avoiding too much uncertainty or maybe it is my rational mind, telling me i should prepare for whats coming.

maybe i’m afraid if i take the job I’ve got, i wont be able to turn back or maybe this job is just what i wanted.

maybe everyone feels this way, or maybe its just me.


10. Planet Earth

This series takes you on a journey, to the corners of the planet, and you will see what is not humanly possible to see even if you were to travel there. the best documentary series of all time. don’t be surprised if you change the way you look at things after watching this one.

“There are some four million different kinds of animals and plants in the world. Four million different solutions to the problems of staying alive”
–  David Attenborough


9.Band of brothers

Produced by Spielberg and Tom hanks, this is a mini series which is the best war epic i have ever seen. after this, you will know what a war is, in reality. the trenches, the artillery, the grenades and the cacophony.war is not what we thought it was.

“Without a sign, his sword the brave man draws, and asks no omen but his country’s cause”
– PFC Robert Leckie


8.Two and a half men

Needless to say, the charm of Charlie sheen is what this show is about. the best comedy i have seen. you will never get bored in the middle of an episode, as is the case with most comedies.

“Alan, there’s something you should know about me. When I say “I understand”, it doesn’t mean I agree, it doesn’t mean I understand, it doesn’t even mean I’m listening.”
–  Charlie


House is a medical version of Sherlock Holmes, the character, the drugs, the intelligence. nobody could have done a better job than Hugh Laurie. the show is interesting except for some boring medical anomalies.

” If your life’s no more important than anyone else’s, sign your donor card and kill yourself.”
–  Dr Gregory House



This is definitely on par with the original Sherlock Holmes from Conan Doyle. it would have been a quite a task to create a modern Holmes, maybe that’s why there are only three episodes per season. the music gets stuck in your head, and if you watch it all at once, for a while you become, Sherlock Holmes.

“I’m a consulting detective. The only one in the world. I invented the job”

–  Sherlock Holmes



the suspense and the sound effects are amazing, the variety in the characters is great. I liked the whole concept, and trust me, you will not be the same person after watching this series. but i think it needed more happy moments, and a better climax.

” is it because you need to look down the barrel of a gun to find out what you really believe, John?”

–  Desmond


4. The Sopranos

frankly, this series makes you forget the godfather and Good fellas. talk about italian mob, and tony soprano is the first face that comes to mind. top-notch series and  it feels like the show was deliberately made in narcissistic shade. i acted like an Italian american mobster for a month after watching this one 😛

“You don’t s**t where you eat. And you really don’t s**t where I eat.”
–  Anthony Soprano


3.Prison Break

Love the music, and the suspense. this was on top of my list for a very long time. i think it is a must watch for the whole english speaking world. I am a great admirer, and i have a collector’s edition of the whole series. This was one of the best shows i have ever watched in my life. tops the addictive list.

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want to get”
–  Michael Scofield



I just love the monologue. i think i know what it feels like to be a serial killer now. this is a completely outta the box series, and i love it. kudos to michael c hall. i think it takes great courage for a team to work on a concept which was never thought of before, at least for TV shows.  maybe because it gives us a peek into the mind of a psychopath, it is addictive.

“In the land of predators, a lion never fears the jackal.”
–  Dexter Morgan


1.The Wire

My favorite of all time. Technically perfect. It’s like this series wasn’t even directed. i felt like god watching over Baltimore while i watched it. it’s as real as it gets, and did I mention there is no lead role for the series? one word. masterpiece. i seriously doubt any series is going to beat the sheer elegance of this one. This is HBO’s best work yet. do not miss The Wire, even if u have to buy it from Amazon 😛

“Ayo, lesson here, Bey. You come at the king, you best not miss.”
–  Omar little

PS: All images used are from the public domain, and the rating is my by my analysis 😛

My all time favorites

2 people commit suicide in India every 10 minutes.

i sit here and wonder, 20 years of education and have they learnt nothing? or is it our system at fault?

What is the point of all the time , effort and money being put into education if we teach our children Integral calculus but they have no clue how to lead their life? what is the use of teaching them william Wordsworth’s poetry , World history, if they don’t know to handle their own emotions? what good is teaching them organic chemistry and classical physics if they are unable to make decisions? what purpose does education really serve, if it cannot instill reason that would prevent them from committing suicide?

As we come to think of it, what we teach our children is not what they need in their life.  of course, they need prose and poetry, math and science. but without the basic life skills, they are worthless.

what we need is change in the basic principles of education. it is a pity that we still practice the 18th century Industrial revolution based education system. it was designed to create skilled work force in the industries. we live in a different time, and we need a different system. one which teaches the child, to reason about and manage life in a better way, one that teaches duties before rights and responsibilities before entitlements. one that strengthens the character of the child before it faces the real world as an adult. one that creates tomorrows inspiring leaders and patriotic citizens.

Education. or is it?

Was life just an accident? does everything that happen just another random event? is everything we do inconsequential? are we just a summation of a billion chemical reactions?

They say there are three kinds of things in this world

the ones we already know

the ones we can know

the ones we can never know

The questions asked by man from thousands of years in the form of philosophy , religion and science about the existence of a higher force that drives us all, or of life on our planet that was created and the destinies of people, which are predetermined are supposedly in the third category. or are they?

Men of faith say we were created by god. how else do u explain the nature of life to replicate, evolve,survive and be resilient? who gave it these properties if not god? if we were just a bunch of complex interacting molecules, how are we still existent? doesn’t the rules of science say we should have long reached stability?


However, the evolutionists have an equally appealing argument. about 4 billion years ago, a lot of complex molecules were created in the primordial soup on the surface of the earth. the molecules which had the properties of replication and adaptation survived. others stabilized, or in other words, perished. so the complex life we see today, is the result of that accidentally created one molecule that was capable of replication and evolution.

Scientists at CERN believe they are about to find evidence for the existence of god, or the lack of it. if the particle accelerator finds the so-called god particle, will science agree with religion? until now, whenever science has tried to find answers, all it has done is create more questions . will this time be any different? only time will tell.

“Life is, but stardust”